Can fertility meds a cause false positive pregnancy test?

Worried About Your Fertility Drugs Causing False Positives?

If you are taking any fertility drugs, you might have come across stories of women reporting false positives after taking these meds. But do all fertility drugs cause false positives? No, not at all!
If you’re taking Clomid or Femara (Letrozole) to induce ovulation you don’t have to worry about getting a false positive pregnancy test.⁣ So if you’re reading this post after your Clomid cycle and you’re wondering if you’re really pregnant… yes you are!

Which Fertility Drugs Cause False Positives?

A very popular drug to trigger final egg maturation right before egg retrieval in IVF or in IUI or timed-intercourse cycles is ⁣Ovidrel (or Pregnyl, Novarel, which are other brands). They are commonly called “trigger shots”,

Guess what the main component of these drugs is… hCG! ⁣

Guess what hormone you’ll test for when using a pregnancy test… Yup, you guessed it… hCG!⁣

Any pregnancy test taking soon after the trigger shot will be positive no matter what.⁣ So if you’ve used Ovidrel, Pregnyl, Novarel or any other brand that contains hCG, you have a couple of options…


Change Your Approach to Testing⁣

– Test out the trigger shot: take a test every day after you’ve taken your shot and wait until the test line disappears. If the line reappears a few days later, or if the test line only gets darker… you’re pregnant!⁣
– Wait until your official test date. If you’ve used a trigger shot, your doctor will have informed you when your official test date is. Wait until that date to take a test so you’ll know for sure that any hCG that is found is due to you being pregnant, and not the meds.⁣

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