Quick Tip: Least to Most Fertile: The Four Types of Cervical Mucus

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Wondering what’s the cheapest way to track your ovulation…? Without a doubt, it’s tracking your cervical mucus.⁣⁣

You don’t need thermometers or pee sticks! And if you know what you’re looking for, it’s going to be one of the easiest ways to track your ovulation too!⁣⁣

So cheap + easy = win/win in my book!⁣⁣

Let’s go through these 4 main types of cervical mucus.⁣⁣

Instagram infographic 4 types cervimucal mucus for fertility


From least fertile to the most fertile:⁣⁣
➖ Dry: The first few days after your period. You probably won’t notice any kind of discharge. ⁣⁣
➖ Sticky: A few days later, you may notice rubbery or glue-like CM. It can’t be stretched and it breaks easily.⁣⁣
➖ Creamy: This happens because the growing egg(s) cause a boost in estrogen: your CM will now have a more creamy consistency. It feels smooth, like lotion. Sperm can survive in this type of CM and you are considered fertile. ⁣⁣
➖ Slippery: the most stretchy kind. It resembles raw egg white (EWCM). Where sperm survives in creamy CM, it THRIVES in EWCM. It can even survive up to 5 days in this type of CM!⁣

Generally, the last day of your most fertile CM is the day of ovulation. So if you noticed lots of fertile CM yesterday, but it’s dry today… chances are you’ve already ovulated yesterday!⁣⁣

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