TTC School Article Series

In this TTC School Article Series I’ll let you in on everything I cover in my TTC School video course.

I’m sharing these articles with you completely for free because I want to help everyone who is out there that’s trying to get pregnant, to actually get pregnant. There’s no catch. Just read and follow along and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Part 1. Getting Ready to Start Trying

How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant?

From Egg to Baby

From Sperm to Baby

Do This… (when trying to conceive) (coming soon)

Don’t Do This… (when trying to conceive) (coming soon)


Part 2. All About Your Cycle

No You (Probably) Don’t Ovulate On Cycle Day 14 (coming soon)

Things That Influence Ovulation Timing (coming soon)

Odds of Pregnancy if You Ovulate Early vs. Late (coming soon)

What Happens During The “Two Week” Wait? (coming soon)

The Myth of the Late Period (coming soon)

Short Luteal Phase: When & What (coming soon)


Part 3. Predicting Ovulation With Cervical Mucus

Why You Should Care About Cervical Mucus (coming soon)

Your Cervical Mucus From the Start of Your Cycle Until the End (coming soon)

The Best Ways to Check Your Cervical Mucus (coming soon)

Cervical Mucus and the Odds of Conceiving (coming soon)

How to Tell The Difference Between Cervical Mucus, Arousal Fluid and Semen (coming soon)

Don’t Get a lot of Cervical Mucus? This is Why! (coming soon)

How to Improve Your Cervical Mucus (coming soon)


Part 4. Predicting Ovulation with Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK’s)

What You Need to Know About Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK’s) (coming soon)

When to Start Testing: Three Strategies to Never Miss Your Fertile Window Again (coming soon)

What Time of Day to Test: A Personalized Testing Schedule (coming soon)

How to Interpret Your Test Line Without Any Confusion (coming soon)

When to Stop Testing and What to do Next (coming soon)

How to Use OPK Apps (coming soon)

What You Need to Know About (Simple) Digital OPK’s (coming soon)

What You Need to Know About Numeric or Quantitative OPK’s (coming soon)

What You Need to Know About Multi-Hormone OPK’s (coming soon)


Part 5. Predicting Ovulation: Other Ways

Predict Ovulation by Checking Your Cervix (coming soon)

Predict Ovulation by Monitoring Your Resting Heart Rate (coming soon)

Predict Ovulation by Checking Saliva Ferning (coming soon)

Predict Ovulation: Can You Feel Ovulation? (coming soon)

Predict Ovulation: Look for Mid-Cycle Spotting (coming soon)


Part 6. All About Sex

The Best Days to Have Sex When Trying to Get Pregnant (coming soon)

The Worst Days to Have Sex When Trying to Get Pregnant (coming soon)

Intercourse Schedules when Trying to Conceive (coming soon)

What if Your Partner Has Low Sperm Count? (coming soon)

Sex Positions When Trying to Get Pregnant (coming soon)

Do Orgasms Help to Conceive? (coming soon)

The Best (and Worst) Lubricants When Trying to Get Pregnant (coming soon)


Part 7. Confirming Ovulation: Basal Body Temperature

What You Need to Know About Basal Body Temperature (coming soon)

How and Where to Take Your Temperature (coming soon)

Basal Body Temperature Chart Examples: What to Look For (coming soon)

Predicting Pregnancy: Implantation Dips & Triphasic Charts (coming soon)

Outside Factors That Influence Your Temperature Readings (coming soon)

Your Basal Body Temperature Blueprint: How to Temp Without Stress (coming soon)

The Best Basal Body Temperature Thermometers For You (coming soon)


Part 8. Confirming Ovulation: Progesterone

Confirming Ovulation Using Progesterone Test Strips (coming soon)

How to Use Progesterone Test Strips (coming soon)


Part 9. Implantation & Early Pregnancy Symptoms

From Conception to Implantation (coming soon)

Why Implantation Day Matters (coming soon)

PMS or Early Pregnancy Symptom? (coming soon)

How to Survive the Two Week Wait (coming soon)


Part 10. Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing: Why Testing Early is a Great Idea (coming soon)

What’s the Last Day You Can Expect a Positive? (coming soon)

What Your Lines May Look Like (coming soon)

What Your Test Line Can Tell You About Your Pregnancy (coming soon)

All About False Positives (coming soon)

All About False Negatives (coming soon)

Which Brand of Pregnancy Test is Best? (coming soon)